Who am I?

My name is Bettina Hartmann, and I thrive when seeing people and organizations work together in order to express our full potential!

I have more than twenty years of experience as a professional project manager and consultant, and I have also used coaching as a natural tool in order to motivate and find solutions. I have an engineering degree, and I am a certified project manager (Prince2, IPMA, MSP), Lean-consultant, Belbin teamroles, Associate in Risk and Loss Control Management, how to make Balanced Scorecards, etc., and I am also an educated identity lifecoach from Danish ID Academy. I have worked with development and IT projects, both in the public and private sector, and also worked with requirements analyses, lean and process optimization, risk management, etc. I have also been teaching in different contexts, from project management, over IT systems to meditation and positive thinking.

So I have had official and professional roles such as “engineer”, “lecturer”, “coach”, “internal consultant”, “project manager”, “independent consultant”, etc.

And then there are all my personal and societal roles such as “meditator”, “yoga practitioner”, “cyclist”, “author in the making”, “fellow human”, “friend”, etc.

I have tried to explore and express as many sides of myself as possible – with an as open mind as possible – and this has helped me gain a wider understanding, both of myself and of others. I practice letting go of one-sided assessments and judgements, and try to see things from as many perspectives as possible – but still wishing to see some kind of progress and concrete solutions within an acceptable time frame. I believe we all do our best, from the standpoint of our individual knowledge and consciousness – also if “our best” is not always good enough, not yet as it seems. To have a daily practice of raising my awareness and consciousness makes me more aware what I wish to spend my time and energy on, and how I best built, circulate and keep my energy on a high level.

I have had a daily meditation practice since 2004, and have also had a lot of other life style exploration and change experiences. Such as changing my diet, getting a daily yoga practice, training and expanding the mind (eg. using buddhist practices), working with shadows both individually and in groups, practicing transparent communication, etc.etc. You might want to read my experiences from being a project manager to learn more about me, and my web site about integral lifestyle (so far only in Danish).

You are also most welcome to contact me to have a dialogue about the future of project management, or maybe about integral life practice 🙂