What is Integral Project Management?

Integral project management is not an acknowledged and firmly established term. In fact, it probably doesn’t really exist yet… but I would like to help putting it on the agenda – so that we can explore what it is all about.

I have this wish primarily for two reasons:

  • I find the current teachings in project management too rigid and somewhat lacking. And when you do not teach people about something, it becomes more difficult to see and talk about. We need a language for something in order to communicate about it.
  • I also see a world screaming for solutions, in order to solve complex problems. Solutions that have to support many opposite needs. This seems difficult for us to manifest. We can get a lot of wonderful ideas, but to put them into practice in larger scale is apparently difficult.

Both of these points can be “solved” by involving aspects from Integral Theory and Life Practice. If you do not already know what this is, you can read more here (in Danish) or search the web. I have also suggested some sources here: Learn more.

If I should try and summarize what integral project management is to me, it would be something like this:

To manifest a concrete solution in a cooperation, where you – both during the development process and in the end result – accommodate the following:

  • Individuals, communities and systems (“quadrants”, “development levels” and “types”)
  • Cognitive, emotional, ethical, bodily, will power related and spiritual aspects (“intelligences”).

And what does this mean in practice? I will try to elaborate on this web site!